Antispam Bee: The Akismet Alternative

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Introduction To Spam And WordPress


Such a simple word to describe a huge problem. Everyone who owns a WordPress powered website that allows comments has to deal with spam in some way. Bots and hackers love to place links and comments to virus infected sites, porn, or strange product on your website. Dealing with spam comments manually is a pain in the neck. And turning off comment on your site reduces interactivity. What is a site owner to do about this issue?

For the longest time there were really only two options: turn off commenting or spend a lot of time manually approving and deleting comments. Neither of these options we’re ideal. So looking at the world of email an idea formed. WordPress is easily extensible with plugin so why not create an antispam plugin and allow it to do the heavy work.


Antispam Bee: The Akismet Alternative

Automattic, the company owned by Matt Mullenweg creator of WordPress, developed a plugin call Akismet to stop the spam problem. It worked exceedingly well. Spam being inserted into comments essentially ceased. Eventually most WordPress sites were running this plugin because it was included in most WordPress server installs at most hosting providers.

Automattic is a for profit company. When the Akismet plugin became so popular and essential to every WordPress site there came an opportunity to profit. The plugin which once was entirely free had a change made to the license that controls it. Automattic decided to start charging most users a fee for the plugin. The charge currently is $5.00 for any site that engages in any type of commercial activity, which is nearly all. For personal weblogs it is still free but not many sites fit this criteria.

What Happened As A Result

Once the pricing change occurred website owners we’re stumped for a while. Many didn’t have the money for the license so they lied and said they were not running a commercial website and didn’t pay. Another factor that happened was Automattic began linking Akismet with their Jetpack plugin. Jetpack is the kitchen sink of plugins. It tries to do everything for everyone so it has bloated out into a huge resource hog. So users and developers began to look for a better solution and that resulted in many new antispam plugins coming to market.

Antispam Bee

One of the new plugins that gain a following is Antispam Bee. Antispam Bee has grown to have over 400,000 active installs. It does as good a job as Akismet. But the best thing about the plugin is it is completely free. There is not even a pro version of it like so many plugins. The developer, pluginkollektiv, has pledged to keep Antispam Bee free.


if you are looking for a free and powerful replacement for Akismet be sure and check out Antispam Bee. The plugin is in the WordPress repository. Give it a try and check the results yourself.

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Antispam Bee: The Akismet Alternative

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