Mobile Monkey Part 2: Building A Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

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The series so far:

Last week I introduced you to Mobile Monkey. We covered the basics of creating an account and some of the resources that are available to you as you work on creating a bot that can help build your business. Getting set up and linking your account is the most important step. Once you have set up everything the hard work begins… creating your very own chat bot.

There are several templates available to choose from when you begin building your bot. I recommend choosing the one closest to your business industry. Most will not be a perfect fit but using the template is much better than having a blank canvas your first time. I chose the Consultant template and it provided a good basis to start fine tuning the bot.

A word of caution! Be careful to not do a template import twice. I did that and my bot is sending duplicate information in each response. That is why the bot is not live this week on the Elkhound Technologies website. I hope to have it live by the final post in this series next week.

Take a look at this first image from the greeting dialogue for the bot. As you can see i named the bot Wolf after an Elkhound I once owned. The information in the box let’s the visitor know they are talking to a computer and begins directing them to the appropriate information

Mobile Monkey Part 2: Building A Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

In the second image you can see there is a slightly different welcome dialog. As i work on the dialog tree these will be merged and create one opening.

Mobile Monkey Part 2: Building A Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

When you look at the left of the image the complete list of dialogs in the menu are shown. Each one must be edited have the proper information inserted. If you are wondering what things can be put in the dialog tree you will find that there is really no limit. There are multiple kinds of links to connect to files, pages, articles, and many others. Really, the possibilities are enormous.

One thing to carefully consider is developing your script and answers before jumping in. Any plan will require fine tuning but having an idea what you plan to produce will reduce stress and help keep the decision tree neatly organized.

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Facebook, messenger, chat, bot, chatbot

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