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WPForms File Upload

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I have been using WPForms for a while now. I first bought my copy when it came out four years ago. I took a chance on a new and rather raw product and I am so happy I did! The visual interface attracted me at first, and, of course, the introductory price! The plugin did its job well and has become more sophisticated and powerful over the years.

While there are many wonderful features about WPForms today i want to talk to you about the File Uploads extension. There is a broad range of uses for this extension. Personally, I have used it as a way for clients to upload images and documents for projects I have worked on with them. While that is the most obvious use allow me to suggest a few others: submitting a resume as part of a job application form, supporting documents such as a health for or notarized permission slip for a camp registration or school trip, maybe even a way to submit a contest or giveaway entry.

To see how easy it is to add this drag-and-drop module to a form check out this video:

Be sure to visit the WPForms website and get a copy today!

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